Business Owner - commercial insurance for businesses

Your business is very important to you because it is how you support your family and what you do several days a week.  Sadly, a reality of our culture for every business owner is that the chances of being sued have increased dramatically in recent years.  Even when the owner does their best to be honest, moral, ethical, and give good advice and service and products, there are still situations where it seems some customers are ready to sue at the drop of a hat.

General Liability insurance is highly recommended for every business owner to prevent what may seem a minor legal suit from turning into a financial nightmare.

For example, let’s say you own and operate a store front business where customers come into the store.  If they fell down or are injured touching one of your products, they could sue you for not just the physical damage they claim to sustain, but also mental anguish, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

Or perhaps you own a business where you’re not meeting people directly but talking to them on the phone and by email.  You’re giving them advice, service, or maybe selling something.  If the client claims you gave bad advice or the product doesn’t work to their satisfaction, you would be glad you had an errors and omissions policy and a Products Liability or Products-completed operations policy.

Other types of commercial policies that may be important are workers compensation, employee theft, sexual harassment, commercial auto, commercial property, and the list goes on to cover every potentially litigious situation.

Give us a call and let our commercial experts who specialize in covering every scenario with a great range of companies protect your business so you can sleep good at night.