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We are an emerging growth company, and the reduced reporting requirements applicable to emerging growth companies could make our common stock less attractive to investors. Relevant Member State other than qualified investors, the offer of those shares to it is not treated under the Prospectus Directive as having been made to such persons. Are shown as colored rectangles above blue Bionano genome mapping bars. Detect structural variants with high specificity and sensitivity. The authors declare no competing interests.

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Plug Handling Plugs must be fully submerged during lysis and wash steps, with intermittent mixingemployedduring enzymatic steps and continuous mixing during wash steps. BioNano Genomics can now be produced from images of linearized nicked. The detail nicking site alignment of genome sequences to genome maps.

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DNA from a wide range of biological samples.

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Accordingly, we expect that we would rely on third parties, such as clinical investigators, consultants, and collaborators to conduct such studies if needed. Transcript.

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DNA in nanofluidic channels.
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